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How to Install the Tuff Stuff® Single-Action Rear JK Bumper / Tire Carrier

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  • Remove the current stock tire carrier.
  • Disconnect the 3rd tail light assembly.
  • Remove the four frame bolts (2 each side).
  • Remove two additional bolts under the door.
  • Remove the four bolts connecting the hitch assembly (if installed).
  • Insert L plates into the frame for mounting.
  • Line up bumper and attach two bolts to hold it in place.
  • Insert under bumper bolts near the hitch to pull bumper into place.
  • Insert two bolts on either side going through the L plates and the frame.
  • Insert long bolts into both sides (frame through).
  • As you tighten bolts above the hitch the bumper will level out and holes will line up.
  • Attach door plate on the back door of the jeep. Add rubber stopper in center hole before completing the installation.
  • Prep (grease) upper and lower sets of bearings for the tire carrier hinge.
  • Secure door hing with supplied large washer castle nut and pin.
  • Cap with the supplied dust cap and secure with small screw in the side.
  • Begin heim joint installation. Adjust several times to make sure no binding occurs. The joints need to be fairly level to maintain alignment.
  • Door should now swing feely with no binding.
  • Install tire carrier bracket on to the swing arm.
  • Install tire carrier holder in bracket and adjust as needed.
  • Note: factory wheels will not fit properly as the rims are far too recessed to properly hold the tire.
  • Insert and adjust bumper stop into swing arm and line up rubber bump stop already installed on the mounting plate.
  • Install your shackles and you’re good to go.

Customer Caught In The Wild

We love it when we catch one of our loyal customers in the wild. While out walking the beach we caught this beauty all geared up with Tuff Stuff® gear. Nice looking ride! If you’d like your rig to be featured here on Tuff Stuff® send us some photos and we’ll send you some (dare it say it) swag. And if this is your Jeep, get in touch with us. We’d love to see more, maybe even get you in our next photo shoot.

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King of Hammers 2017

Our King of Hammers Race team Andrew Goodell and Brett Maister just before the Thursday race.

Stop By Our Booth in Hammertown

It’s been an eventful week so far guys. Though the weather started out a rough we’re ready to rock and roll. Stop by our booth in Hammertown and say hi to the team!

Watch Out for Ebay Fraud

Warning! If you see our winches sold on Ebay for a tremendously low price it’s going to be fraud. A group of individuals is posting our Xtreme winches on Ebay and then using another fraudulent customers information to purchase it a full price from us, thus he keeps the lowest amount and someone else pays for your winch. From then they use your information to fraudulently charge your account for another Xtreme Winch and ship to the next guy.

Until we can get this sorted out we can no longer ship to any address that is not the billing address listed for the credit card. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully we can get this sorted out as soon as possible.