87-06 jeep wrangler bumper & winch Combo
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1987-06 Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper & 9,500lb Performance Winch Combo

$528.00 $499.00

Get the perfect off road combo for your 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ or YJ, including a new Tuff Stuff® front bumper with D rings & a Tuff Stuff® 9,500lb Wireless Winch. The most powerful bumper and winch combo available at an affordable price!

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With the right equipment, you’ll never be in trouble out on the trail.

Make the right decision and outfit your Jeep Wrangler TJ or YJ with a nice new bumper and winch for that added reassurance of making it over anything the trail throws at you. With its improved approach angles, useful brush guard, built in winch plate and light tabs, our Tuff Stuff® Jeep Wrangler bumper is set up for fun on the trail


The TUFF STUFF® front winch bumper is designed specifically for your 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ. With its maximum ground clearance and timeless looks given by its high degree approach angles and raised corners, this bumper is sure to turn heads on or off the road. With Tuff Stuff®’s integrated winch mount, designed to hold the most popular winches on the market (up to 12,750 lbs) and a stylish 1.75″ stinger tube with light tabs to hold up to 9″ lights, the Tuff Stuff® front bumper is sure to be a smart and affordable choice for any Jeep enthusiast.

TUFF STUFF®’S bumper also incorporates 2 useful D-ring / Bow Shackle mounts that have been robotic ally welded on the inside & out. TUFF STUFF®’S bumpers are protected using a durable 2 stage matte black crinkle powder coating so your bumper is sure to last for years to come. Whether you own a winch or plan on installing one in the future, the TUFF STUFF® bumpers heavy duty winch mount and higher ground clearance will instantly transform the look of your ride by taking your Jeep to the next level!

BUMPER SPECS: Uses Standard 10″ X 4.5″ winch mounting pattern 10″ centered Fairlead Mount 55″ Long from end to end NO Welding or fabrication required for installation 2 Light Tabs 3/16″ thick construction Includes 2 Silver 4.75 ton D rings


Tuff Stuff®’s 9,500Lb capacity, and the upgraded internal components make this unique design more than durable yet extremely affordable. Our Tuff Stuff® winch has been tested by many major US distributors and has passed every QC test possible- So don’t miss your chance to buy one of these for way below their retail value.

TUFF STUFF® PERFORMANCE X2 series winch uses the best in class components to keep your recovery winch going strong, on or off the trail.

-Premium H20 series solenoids added to eliminate water damage, your electronics will always stay dry!
-Tuff Stuff® Performance uses an upgraded heavy duty hardened steel 3 stage planetary gear set- Gone are the days of stripped gears.
-Newly designed gear housing offering a much better look!
-We’ve added the best heavy duty clutch handle on the market to add confidence when engaging your winch into gear.
-Built in 275 amp 12V ON/OFF switch added as a safety feature in case of an electrical short, or malfunction- Simply twist the ON/OFF switch to cut off power to your winch.
-Billet aluminum reinforced control box engineered for added rigidity, strength and longevity.

Tuff stuff® is so confident in their winches, we even offer an extended 3 YEAR WARRANTY at no additional charge ($175 Value)
As a free gift, we also give you the essentials to help your recovery go smooth such as protective gloves, a waterproof cover to keep your investment clean, a wireless remote for ease of use and a roller fairlead guide to help reel the cable in clean onto the drum.


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