Tuff Stuff® 1/2″ X 92′ Synthetic Dyneema Winch Rope Cable With Black Hook & Rock Guard, Grey

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The Tuff Stuff® Xtreme “DYNEEMA” Synthetic winch rope is the strongest synthetic winch rope available on the market. Tuff Stuff® Xtreme Synthetic winch rope uses a 12 strand braided Dyneema Fiber which is made in the Netherlands. The (Macromolecular Polyethylene) material used to construct these ropes enables very low elongation allowing very little stretching for precise winching. Dyneema fiber is also 40% – 50% stronger than steel wire cables and most importantly will NOT recoil if broken making this the safest option for winching on the trail, or trailer!

Dyneema is a amazingly strong, lightweight and virtually limitless in it’s uses which is why it’s been used for decades by professional vessels and various rigging throughout the world. Dyneema fiber is trusted, proven, capable and incredibly reliable!

The Tuff Stuff® Xtreme Winch Rope also includes a unique and exclusive rock guard shield to protect the rope from wear and abrasion, making our winch rope even more rigid than the competition. Tuff Stuff®’s synthetic rope completely resists UV radiation too, so it will not fade over time like the cheaper imitation rope. Dyneema is also resistant to water & temperature variation, giving it an incredibly long service life.


  • SUPERIOR LENGTH- 92′ of Dyneema SK75 12 strand rope to fit most winches
  • SUPERIOR ABRASION RESISTANCE- Velcro Rock Guard to protect your rope against rocks, trees and other obstacles which cause rope abrasion
  • HEAT PROTECTION- Included Heat Guard to protect the rope from excessive heat caused by the brake mechanism inside of the winch drum
  • LASTS A LIFE TIME- Stainless Steel Clevis Hook thimble
  • HOOK INCLUDED- Heavy Duty Black powder Coated Clevis Hook
  • WORKS ON MOST WINCHES- Standard eyelet to attach rope on most winch drums

This rope can be used with a most Recovery Winches and many other brands of self-recovery winches on the market. It comes with a Stainless Steel thimble and a standard rope end to attach to nearly all winch drums.