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Tuff Stuff® Recovery Kit- 30′ Tow Strap, 10′ Tree Saver & 4.75 Ton D rings


The Tuff Stuff® recovery kit includes a 10' Tree Saver, 30' Snatch/Tow strap & a pair of 4.75 Ton Silver D rings. Tuff Stuff® also includes a free carrying case for your tow straps for added convenience.

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Tired of being ill prepared on the trail? Well, get prepared with the Tuff Stuff® Recovery Combo Kit!

Our Recovery kit provides all you need to pull out you or another, which includes a 10′ tree saver strap, 30′ tow/snatch strap & a pair of 4.75 Ton D ring Bow shackles.

With the Tuff Stuff® Recovery kit, you can tow, snatch or extract just about anything or anyone from being stuck. 30′ tow strap is rated to 17,636 lb Breaking Point | 10′ tree strap is rated to 26,500 lb | 4.75 Ton D rings