Tuff Stuff 3/4″ Soft Shackle- 26,000lb Rated


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The Tuff Stuff soft shackle is a great alternative conventional steel bow shackles which are much heavier & bulkier. Known for their reliability, the soft shackle is lighter weight, stronger and more useful on the trail, farm or back woods.
The soft shackle is made with a knot on one end and a splice on the other for looping back to itself and will fit through any 7/8″ – 1″ diameter shackle mount.

Testing has also shown the breaking strength tends to be higher than the actual rope itself due to its dual layer splice and multi layer knot.

Say good bye to 25-30lbs of unwanted weight along with the annoying rattling coming from your bumpers common among steel shackles.

1X soft shackle


  • Lighter than steel shackles (less than 1lb vs 5-6lbs each)
  • Stronger than steel shackles
  • Floats on water
  • No tool needed to remove those stubborn D ring pins
  • Fits in standard 7/8″ diameter shackle mounts
  • Protective sleeve included
  • 9mm diameter
  • 26,211 lb breaking force


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