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JEEPSPEED #1721 general Tire Jeep. JeepSpeed is one of the “limited class” in Best of the Desert Racing. The drive is like no other with the “true driver experience” in mind.

Baja 500 2014 class 1400 #1414.  Team Name – TUFF STUFF – GIANT MOTOR SPORTS.  The Baja 500 is one of the most grueling races in the world located in Baja Mexico starting and ending in ENSENADA Mexico.  The race is just under 500 Miles with some of the worst terrain for vehicles.  We chose to test the Xtreme Winch, Xtreme recovery gear to see how this equipment held up under these conditions.  The winch outperformed our expectations and the recovery gear was such a hit.  We not only recovered ourselves many times but other drivers as well.

Tuff Stuff Racing and products have just purchased the JEEPSPEED Truck 1721.  Jeepspeed is a class of racing that is fast becoming one of the most competitive stock classes in Off-Road competition.  Racing at all of the Best of the Desert Race Series you get to see what companies and racers can do to stock Jeeps.  There is also an open class for the more competitive racer but TUFF STUFF has chosen to race in the Stock Class so that we can test our equipment and recovery gear as if a stock jeep was driving in the terrain.

New Class:

Best shop to get your jeep up to “JeepSpeed” class – T&J Performance center.

T&J Performance Center
1002 W Collins Ave
Orange, CA

PH: 714-633-0991
FAX: 714-633-4912




Sponsorship Opportunity

On all events, logos will be placed on the truck & banners at the TEAM TENTS and all PITSTOPS. Race Suits are available to be customized for each race at sponsors cost.

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