Best Buyers Guide for Toyota Tacoma Winch

When you are serious about off-roading, you know that you need a good winch to help you out when you or someone else gets in a tough spot. Finding the best Toyota Tacoma winch should not be a difficult process. You simply need a little understanding of winches, along with some buying tips to help you ensure you make the right purchase. In this guide, we will cover many aspects you should consider when buying a winch for Toyota Tacoma.

Considerations When Buying a Winch

Your Tacoma is made for off-roading. It was designed with rough terrain in mind, which is why it is made from high-strength steel that gives you more power and increases safety. The V6 engine and 6-speed transmission helps you to get over or through anything. As you begin to look at off road winches, make sure that you consider the main parts of the winch:

  • Rope or cord
  • Drum
  • Motor
  • Gear train

When looking at the rope, you will have two choices. Steel rope or cable is going to be very durable and offer more strength, which means it can handle tougher pulls. However, it is heavy and can rust. Also, steel ropes may break, which could pose a serious injury hazard. Synthetic, on the other hand, won’t break and if it does, the injury risk is minor. Plus, synthetic ropes are lightweight and don’t rust, but they do require a bit of maintenance since they can easily get dirty. You also have to watch them to make sure exposure to the elements do not break them down as they can be weakened over time.

When it comes to the drum, the main thing to keep in mind is that the diameter of the drum can affect the pull power and line speed. The narrower the drum, the faster it spools, which means the less power it has.

There are two types of motors: permanent magnet and series wound. Permanent magnet motors drain your battery less and are great for light use. However, they generate a lot of heat and lose power as they heat up. A series wound motor uses more battery power, but it is pretty steady in function and efficient at high speeds. They are also more expensive than permanent magnet motors.

The gear train will be either planetary, worm or spur. A planetary gear train is the most common option. It offers smooth and strong function while providing nice resistance. It does require a braking mechanism. An example of an option with a planetary gear train is the 12,500 lb waterproof winch for truck.

What options you go with in your winch will really depend on your intended usage. Think about how much you will use your winch and under what conditions you will use it to make the best choice.


Keep in mind when you shop for the best 13,000 lb 12 V winch, or whatever size and type of winch you want, that you remember the four main parts of the winch. Understand what you are getting and ensure that it will meet your needs. Shop the rest of the best Toyota Tacoma winches online: