Ultimate Jeep Wrangler Roof Top Tent Guide

Jeepers know that the best adventures happen in the most treacherous terrain. But camping can be a real bummer when the only place to set up your tent is a rocky ridge or prickly weeded field. If you have been searching for a better camping solution for your next Jeeping trip, a Jeep roof top tent may be the answer to all of your puzzling. See how roof top tents are changing overnight Jeep excursions for the better.

Mount to the Roof Rack for Above Ground Camping

While you may have seen a truck bed tent before, a Jeep roof tent may be a new concept. This innovative piece of camping equipment is great for Jeeps that have roof racks available. The tent itself mounts to the rack getting you out of the rocks, dirt, weeds, and mud while still enjoying a cool outdoor breeze. Unlike the tents of old, roof top tents won’t leaving you waking-up wet or cold. Stay comfortable with features like:

  • Water shedding rainflies
  • Wind resistant walls
  • Cotton-poly material for maximum temperature control

Avoid Pests and Enjoy Nature

When you are out climbing rocks and crushing it in the Jeep, creepy crawly critters are the least of your worries. But when it comes to cozying down for the night, all crawling things become unwelcome quite quickly. Bunking-up in a roof top tent allows for maximum nature enjoyment and minimal pest encounters.

Tuff Stuff® “Elite”

Overland Roof Top Tent

Tuff Stuff® “Delta”

Overland Roof Top Tent


Tuff Stuff® “Ranger”

Overland Roof Top Tent


Look for a tent that can attach to the top of your Jeep and provide an above ground camping experience. Many Jeep-top tents come with aluminum ladders to help you safely climb into your bed for the night and prevent common outdoor pests from doing the same. Aluminum is an ideal material for tent frames and ladders as it is not difficult to lift when you set it up. Aluminum also withstands strong winds and outdoor conditions.

Keep Organized for Maximum In-Tent Space

When trying to maximize the space inside of your tent, common items like shoes, extra clothes and equipment in the tent may you feel claustrophobic. Filling the Jeep with camping gear provides little room for passengers when you are on a Jeeping excursion. With a Jeep Wrangler roof tent look for included storage options to help you stay organized and comfortable while you are away from home. Some tents come with organizing systems like shoe dividers or storage hammocks giving you a convenient place to store your things. Drape your storage hammock overhead while you sleep for easy access or hang below the tent for a more spacious tent interior.

Modern Camping Solution

Roof top camping is an exciting and practical alternative to old fashioned camping tents. Enjoy an all new experience as you attach the tent to your existing roof rack, experience a new view of nature from the top of your Jeep, and keep yourself organized for the best success on your next Jeeping and camping trip. Roof top tenting is the way of the future. Look for the largest roof top tent to maximize your Jeep Wrangler camping experience.