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Ram Truck Camping Guide: Roof Top Tent vs. Overland Trailer

One of the best parts of owning a Ram truck is how much it opens up your opportunities to explore. Since you are now equipped to go off road, you can find adventure anywhere. While you are out, you may want to bring some camping gear. For the best experience, you can choose between a Dodge Ram roof tent or an Overland trailer. Here’s a look at both options and what to expect if you choose each.
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Toyota 4Runner Camping Guide: Roof Top Tent vs. Overland Trailer

If you’re the owner of a Toyota 4Runner, you’re most likely a fan of the outdoors. You’ve probably also taken advantage of your vehicle’s off-road capabilities. The combination of the 4Runner’s classic 4×4 system and its modern comforts lets you drive in style to just about any off-road camping location. With the right roof top tent or overland trailer, you can add some of that modern comfort to your get-away after you arrive and set up camp.

Roof Top Tent or Overland Trailer — Which Is Best?

Although some hardy souls are fine with sleeping bags, a roof top tent for 4Runner owners or a Toyota 4Runner off road tent trailer can offer a considerable amount of comfort and privacy compared to sleeping on the ground. Either option enables you to unfold a comfortable camping tent that sits on the vehicle roof or on the trailer. In addition to the enhanced comfort, the off-the-ground aspect of either set-up means there’s a much lesser chance of nocturnal creatures disturbing your sleep. What will work better for you will depend on what you consider your greater priorities.

Overland Trailer — Could This Be the Best Option for You?

One of the ways that an overland trailer may be a more attractive option than a roof top tent is that your base camp won’t be part of your vehicle. This means you can set up everything, bed down for the night, and then wheel out the next morning for some exploring without a need to break-down and fold-up your base camp. You may not, however, like the idea of leaving behind an unwatched trailer while you go exploring. In this case, you may want to pack-up your campsite and conduct your explorations with your trailer in tow. If you intend to stay put after you arrive, however, this becomes a non-issue.

A Toyota 4Runner overland trailer can provide amenities that may not be part of a roof top tent set-up unless you pack them in your vehicle’s cargo space. Depending on the model and available options, the best 4×4 off road trailers will provide a wealth of modern creature comforts.

Some of the conveniences a quality overland trailer will provide include:

  • Waterproof and lockable storage areas
  • Complete kitchen set-up with ample water storage for full cooking needs
  • Generator and refrigerator storage areas
  • LED lighting
  • High-density foam mattresses
  • Screened windows, awnings and upper air vents

A Roof Top Tent Can Be Your Best Non-Trailer Option

If your goal is to add as much comfort as you can to your camping trip, but without a need to hitch up and tow a trailer, a roof top tent can fit the bill. You’ll find that the best 4Runner roof tents will provide many of the same comforts as a well-equipped overland trailer.

A quality roof top tent will provide conveniences such as:

  • Accommodations for families of four or more people
  • Two entry doors and two windows
  • Added privacy with a removable split wall
  • Separate mattresses
  • Retractable ladders
  • Under-tent storage hammocks

Get the Most Out of Your Toyota 4Runner

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Your Toyota 4Runner was designed for both adventure and comfort. Your choice of either an overland trailer or a roof top tent will ensure you get everything from your off-road vehicle it was meant to deliver.

Ultimate Roof Top Tent Guide for Ram Trucks

Camping has been around since the beginning of human history. There’s something about getting in touch with nature and being somewhat vulnerable to the elements. Throughout the years, there have been many camping innovations on the horizon. One of the greatest inventions is the roof top truck tent. 
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Ultimate Roof Top Tent Guide for Toyota FJ Cruisers          

As you prepare for the upcoming camping season, investing in the right gear can be a game changer to either make or break your experience. A roof top tent can transform your FJ Cruiser into the ultimate outdoor toy. An FJ Cruiser tent mounts to the roof rack and provides the ultimate above-ground mobile shelter. The benefits of tenting above ground are numerous and allow you to take your FJ Cruiser on adventures anywhere you go. When looking for FJ Cruiser roof top tents, check for the following signs of quality and durability.
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Ultimate Toyota 4Runner Roof Top Tent Guide

If you’re looking for a better and easier way to camp, then you need a Toyota 4Runner Tent. Roof top tents are becoming increasingly popular among off-road enthusiasts, so it’s time to get in the game. These bad boys let you set up camp wherever you park. A truck tent gives you:
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Ultimate Jeep Wrangler Roof Top Tent Guide

Jeepers know that the best adventures happen in the most treacherous terrain. But camping can be a real bummer when the only place to set up your tent is a rocky ridge or prickly weeded field. If you have been searching for a better camping solution for your next Jeeping trip, a Jeep roof top tent may be the answer to all of your puzzling. See how roof top tents are changing overnight Jeep excursions for the better.
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Ultimate Roof Top Tent Guide for Toyota Tacomas

Driving trucks and exploring nature are high ranking favorites for the average outdoor junkie. If you are looking for a way to wrap all of your favorite hobbies into one, a Toyota Tacoma roof top tent may be just the piece of equipment you have been searching for. A rooftop tent allows you to get out in the wild without sacrificing a restful night of sleep. Mobile rooftop camping can be more comfortable and affordable than you think if you follow this ultimate guide to picking a great roof top tent.

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