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Tuff Stuff Rooftop Awning

Tuff Stuff Awning Review on The Adventure Portal

We had the pleasure of welcoming Andy & Lori from The Adventure Portal (founder & Co founder of TAP) into our shop here in Orange County, CA so we could set them up with our Tuff Stuff vehicle awning for their upcoming trip on the Mojave Trail. We were impressed with the tidiness of their Toyota Tacoma and its features, and were proud to be helping them through their journey on the beloved Mojave trail, as it holds a special place in our hearts.

When building a purpose built rig for overlanding, exploration & serious trail riding, its important that you arm your vehicle with the right equipment and gear. The Adventure Portal takes you on a tour through their 2016 Toyota Tacoma that has logged thousands of rigorous miles off road miles throughout its life. The Tuff Stuff Awning we already knew would be a great addition- But one can only realize its true value after its been used under the hot Mojave Desert sun.

TAP’s Tacoma 2016 build up-date

Pay With Amazon Now Available!

Good news everyone, now you can order all of your Tuff Stuff gear using your Amazon account making it that much easier to get exactly what you need without the hassle of inputting all of your information into site forms. Just look for the “Pay with Amazon” at checkout! Checkout just got even easier.

Tuff Stuff Rooftop Tent gets put to the test

We always love hearing feedback on our products, and the best feedback is in the form of a story… This blog outlined how well our product accompanied this couples weekend outing.
We decided to brush up on a few local California trails and low an behold, we came across this very well written blog by one of our customers who received one of our Tuff Stuff Rooftop tents as a wedding gift (Now that’s a great catch if we do say so ourselves). This is a great read with some beautiful pictures and scenery to top it off.

Monache Meadows

Tuff Stuff 4X4 Independence Day Recap

Now that the dust has settled from our 4th of July holiday weekend, we’re all able to get back to the normality of our every day lives at work, home or school. Having the chance to relax & look back at the memories we’ve all made on our independence weekend just gets us excited to plan our next outdoor adventure.

What did you do over the holiday weekend with our Tuff Stuff products or Tuff Stuff Rooftop tent?

If you have any pictures to share of your independence day weekend with your family or friends, send them to us for a chance to receive some free Tuff Stuff swag!

Our Rooftop Tents Are Finally On Sale


Yes, you read that right. Our Tuff Stuff Rooftop Tent is finally on sale for a very limited time! Pick yours up today!

The Tuff Stuff rooftop tent is designed to provide the ultimate comfort, ease and convenience when traveling to the most secluded camping locations. The Rooftop Tent can unfold in minutes with little to no effort, and takes no tools to setup. All bedding can be stored inside of the folding tent to free up valuable storage inside of the vehicle, and includes a thick foam sleeping mat pre-installed inside. The sleeping area is more than large enough for 2 full sized adults, plus the annex room can also accommodate a queen size mattress, mat, folding cot or a small dining table or chairs. The retractable ladder can also be folded away for increased space inside of the annex room.

Our 4th of July Sale is Officially Underway


Use the offer code “TS4TH” from now until Tuesday July 5th and get 15% off your entire order. Be sure and get your new winch, lighting, overland, bumper or accessory order in before Tuesday!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend everyone. It’s time to go get dirty!

Offer does not apply to items currently on sale.

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Creating an account and logging into just got so much easier! Simply click the social media profile you’d like to use (Facebook, Google Plus and even Amazon) and log in. Simple!

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