Create your own DIESEL HEATER for roof top tent (RTT) for UNDER $150
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Our first run of Tuff Stuff Overland Alpha Tents has arrived! We are unloading them now. This is an amazing hard shell roof top tent at a fantastic price.
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The world of overlanding or off-road adventure is exciting, but it can also be daunting for people just getting into it. Along with outfitting your rig and planning the perfect trip, assembling a vehicle recovery kit is just as important...
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For some, the recreation season ends when the days grow short and the thermometer falls below freezing. To some hardy souls, though, winter is just another season in a year-round devotion to the outdoors.

For those in the latter group, cold temperatures bring a host of challenges that make outdoor recreation in the winter a bit more complicated and even dangerous: Frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration, injury.
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For those looking for a roof top tent that offers just a little bit more in the way of elbow room, the Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent deserves its place somewhere very near the top of your shortlist.

We are a South African family who have driven our Land Rover Defender to over 50 countries on four continents over 150 000 miles. We have crossed the equator four times and our children have grown up to be multicultural. We have been to

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Overland gear can be a tough decision. Dont make a mistake and buy the wrong gear that has to be replaced shortly down the road.
The team at TUFF STUFF are avid outdoorsmen and love to connect with all of the groups who are the same adventure.  We come in in force when we can and we bring trailers, tents, popups and food.
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Did you know that Tuff Stuff Overland gives awesome discounts to administrators for their groups and clubs.  We will offer a exclusive discount to the Admin who will then intern pass the discount onto the members.  This is a great way to increase your "hero status" as well as grow your club or group.
Coast to coast beginner to expert this article has an overlanding trail for you.
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Trail Benders Overland (TBO) compares all three Tuff Stuff Overland trailers. See exactly what the BaseCamp, Xtreme, and Expedition can do!

If you are looking at building an overlanding Tacoma or are in the market for your next adventure-mobile you need to read on! We have the top 5 upgrades you need for overlanding in your Toyota Tacoma. 

If you haven’t heard, overlanding is the hottest new trend hitting the streets, and trails, all across the world. In a world where people travel to relax and ultimately enjoy as much time as possible at their destination, Overlanding has a different goal. This new pass time is all about the journey.

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