Tuff Stuff® Awning Shade Wall, 4.5 x 6 Feet


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Get the most out of your rooftop awning by adding a Tuff Stuff Shade Wall. The Tuff Stuff awning shade wall slides into your existing awning in seconds and provides instant additional shelter from the wind, sun, or rain.

With everything needed to install and secure the shade wall, our windbreak panel will provide additional shade to battle the elements.

The 6-foot tall panel can be fixed at a slight angle which provides ample space for additional standing room, chairs, ground tents or a camp table.

Made from lightweight 280G cotton/polyester ripstop with a polyurethane coating for maximum rain protection, the windbreak also guards against harmful UV rays on those hot sunny days when you could use some extra shade.


  • Manufactured from high quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton (the best water-shedding material on the market)
  • UV rated for sun protection
  • Coated with polyurethane for maximum rain protection
  • Installs onto an existing awning in seconds
  • Designed for use on our 4.5 x 6-foot rooftop awning
  • Includes 2 qty ground stakes and 1 qty 4.5 x 6-foot panel
  • Installation: Easy

*Does not include awning*


**PLEASE NOTE: Upgrades, such as adjustable stake straps & velcro loops have been made to the shade wall that have not been reflected in this video**


The 6-foot tall panel can be affixed at a slight angle which provides ample space for additional standing room, chairs, ground tents, or a camp table.

Q & A

If I have an awning why do I need a shade wall?

Why do Jeeps have doors and not just tops? Shade walls will stop the beating sun from creeping at you during the day, they keep the waning sun from hitting you directly in the eyes while having a sunset beverage, as well as they are a great windbreak. And a wee bit of privacy from your neighbors wandering eyes. 

Does this include the poles?

No, this is only a shade wall designed to install to any Tuff Stuff 4.5' X 6' awning by sliding into the channel at the edge.

Can this be used on other brand awnings?

Yes, however, we cannot guarantee fitment on other brand awnings, but if your awing has a round rail with a slot on the front of it, this will most likely install without an issue. Please reference the photo of the shade wall installed to understand where it is used.



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