Tuff Stuff® Roof Top Awning, 6.5′ x 8'


The Tuff Stuff® rooftop awning is designed to accommodate you and your passengers out on the trail by utilizing the existing roof rack to mount and support the rooftop awning. The Tuff Stuff® Rooftop Awning provides the ultimate comfort, shade, ease, and convenience when traveling to the most secluded camping locations. Gaining up to 8' of shade outward and 6.5' across, the Tuff Stuff® Rooftop awning is an addition you never knew you needed until you use it! Add our adjustable 12-volt dimming LED light strip to the awning to light up your entire camp.

Our Tuff Stuff® Rooftop awning can install multiple ways, using the universal L bracket system provided. Our customers have utilized their roof to mount, others have used their roof racks, and our customers who have installed our Rooftop Tent have used the existing rail system on the tent or alternatively drilled directly through the Rooftop Tent Base floor for a secure mount. If you hit the trails regularly or are an avid camper then the Tuff Stuff® Rooftop Tent & Rooftop Awning is right up your alley!

  1. Some of our customers have utilized their existing roof to mount our awnings
  2. Others have used their existing roof racks
  3. And still, others have used the existing rail system on their tent (for the 4.5' x 6') or alternatively drilled directly through the Roof Top Tent Base floor (for the 6.5' x 8') for a secure mount.

If you hit the trails, go to the beach, tailgate, or are an avid camper then the Tuff Stuff® rooftop awning is right up your alley!

We carry this awning in two sizes

Add the optional shade wall to reduce the afternoon sun & block the wind.

If for some reason the included brackets don't work with your rack try one of these



  • Manufactured from high quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton (the best water-shedding material on the market)
  • UV rated for sun protection
  • Coated with polyurethane for maximum rain protection
  • 4 qty support arms
  • 4  qty velcro support loops per pole
  • Reflective guide ropes for additional lateral support
  • Tested to withstand severe winds/weather (while using guide ropes)
  • All aluminum frame

Awning Driving Cover

  • Heavy-duty YKK zipper
  • Black, 1000D PVC waterproof
  • Includes all necessary stainless hardware and universal L brackets
  • Installation: Easy

6.5' Awning Dimensions

  • Width by Length: 6.5 x 8 feet
  • Height: Up to 7'
  • Includes: 2 qty ground stakes and 1 qty 6.5 x 8-foot panel
  • Weight: 27Lbs


  1. Unzip the awning driving cover.
  2. Roll awning towards you while holding in the middle.
  3. When the awning is completely unwrapped then pull the right and left side poles down from the hard tube on the end that you are holding.
  4. Adjust the feet to the position height you want.
  5. Lock feet by twisting the bottom pole.
  6. Swing out both side supporting poles that will attach to the roof of the awning.
  7. Bring these poles to the front bracket and lock in place.
Note: Mounting Hardware shipped inside Weather Cover.


    Q & A

    Will I ever use the awning?

    Absolutely, the awning will be the first thing you pull out when you hang out at the beach, go to the desert, tailgating, or are watching the kids play. Instant shade and protection from the elements is something you don't think about until you need it.

    Will this hold up in wind?

    Yes, with the provided guide ropes and stakes, your awning can withstand moderate (10-20MPH) winds without damaging the poles. If there is any chance of wind, be sure to use the stakes & ropes as we do not cover wind damage under warranty.

    Can this be used in rain?

    You can certainly use your awning in light rains. If the awning fabric pools up water in the middle, there is a good chance your awning legs will buckle, ruining the structure. If you are present during a rainstorm, be sure to continuously pour the rainwater off of the fabric to prevent permanent damage.

    Can the shade wall be rolled up with the awning?

    Yes, if you lay the awning shade wall flat, and you are careful in rolling it up, the shade wall can be kept attached to the awning and stored for transport inside of the storage bag.