Tuff Stuff® LED Cube Lights 2" × 2″ Flood/Spot Beam, Flush Mount Back-Up Light, 20 Watt/1,860 Lumens (Single)


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The new Tuff Stuff® Flush Mount 2" X 2" Dually LED SPOT/FLOOD COMBO lights are the newest addition to our lighting line. The flush mounting option gives you the ability to mount 2X2 LED lights in any flat surface location such as bumpers (for back up lights), sheet metal designed bumpers, tailgates and much more. Installation is easily performed using an angle grinder, sawzall or similar cutting tool to cut out a 3 X 3 1/8" square hole. The options are virtually endless.

Tuff Stuff® is so confident in our Off-Road light bars that we offer a full 18 MONTH EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY which is very uncommon for an off-road related product. With this type of warranty & lifespan, Tuff Stuff®'s LED light bars are sure to light up the night on your rig for years to come!

Why LEDs?

Less Power Consumption: LED lights offer a tremendous reduction in load on your vehicles charging system, and provide a substantial increase in light efficiency. Drawing nearly 1/2 the power of a regular halogen/HID light Tuff Stuff®'s LED Light Bar will not leave you dead in the night.

No Trapped Light: Traditionally, Halogen or HID bulbs bounce the light off of a reflector and sometimes pass through protective covers. Typically, 40% of the light output from the bulb does not reach its intended target, reducing brightness. Because there is no other way to bounce the light from a reflector on a halogen/HID, there is a dramatic reduction in light efficiency. With any protective cover/filter, you are also not allowing 100% of the light to pass through.

No Ballasts: Ballasts burn out and so do bulbs. Light Emitting Diodes will not! (at least for 3,000+ hours).
Strong Mounting: Tuff Stuff® Light bars come with infinite mounting options. We include one pair of universal rubber lined pedestals mounts which allow for a solid mount on any flat surface. Optional tube mounts are also available for purchase separately. Please call is for details: 866-220-0171.


The flush mount LED lights mount to a flat surface by cutting a square hole. Hardware & drilling is required for installation.

FRONT FACE SURFACE MOUNTING DIMENSIONS: H: 3 1/8" | W: 4 13/16" & 2 3/4" of open area behind flat surface


Tuff Stuff® offers the most effective and popular beam patterns for all types of driving styles. We have used the 90 degree FLOOD & 8 degree SPOT beam pattern for this light delivering the most effective peripheral and direct light all in one. Our Flood beam uses the new 3D reflector lense so your light is not lost in the trees. The spot beam delivers distance that can be seen clearly up to 150'+ away. This combo pattern allows you to see far and wide, giving a full 20 watts of power.




  • Power Draw: 20W ea
  • Beam Pattern: FLOOD BEAM (90 degree) & SPOT BEAM (8 degree) COMBO
  • 4X 5 watt Phillips Osram LED's- HIGH INTENSITY LIGHT
  • Current Draw 1.66A @12V
  • Light output: 1680 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Waterproof Rating: IP 68
  • Housing Material: Black Die cast aluminum housing
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonite
  • Hours: 50,000+ hours guaranteed


  • Wide operating voltage range from 10-30 volts
  • Excellent workmanship and sleek futuristic look
  • Tuff Stuff® Exclusive dual light dispersions (f lood beam and spot beam) all in one light bar
  • Longer life than HID's (LED's average life span is more than 50,000 hours)
  • No Ballasts to replace after months of vibration
  • Aluminum casted housing for extraordinary durability
  • Shock-proof
  • IP68 Rated Waterproof & Dust proof

LED's provide a much softer light which prevents harsh glares which are common on HID's


Installation is estimated at approx 30-45 min. depending on your wiring experience and knowledge. Installation is easily performed using an angle grinder, sawzall or similar cutting tool to cut out a 3 X 3 1/8" square hole.Dimensions: 4 13/16" X 3 1/8" X 3.175" inch body.

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