Tuff Stuff® LED Light Bar 6" Performance Connectable


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Key Features

  • Product dimensions: L: 7" W:3.75" H: 3"
  • Material: magnesium alloy
  • Mounting: adjustable pedestal foot mount
  • Aluminum casted housing for extraordinary durability
  • Lifespan: approximately 30,000+ hrs of light, guaranteed
  • Mounting bracket: adjustable rubber mounted aluminum foot bracket
  • Longer life than HID's (LED's average life span is more than 3,000 hours)
  • LED's provide a much softer light which prevents harsh glares which are common on HID's


18 Month Exclusive Warranty, which is very uncommon for an off-road related product. With this type of warranty & lifespan, Tuff Stuff®'s LED light bars are sure to light up the night on your rig for years to come!

Vehicle Application: Universal

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