Tuff Stuff® Off-Road Tube Bracket, Jack Mounting, 1.5"


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  • 1X complete 2 piece tube clamp (must order Qty 2 for Hi-Lift jacks)
  • Mounting stud
  • 2X Allen bolts
  • 1X Wingnut
  • 2X Washers

The Tuff Stuff bed rack jack mounts are designed for true off-roaders in mind and can withstand some serious weight and vibration! The over-built, well designed and well thought out billet aluminum hi-lift jack mounting brackets are made to securely mount your farm jack or Hi-Lift jack to any 1.5" diameter tube, with theft prevention in mind.

Our jack mounts are made from a heavy-duty 2 piece bolt-on design with male knurls machined on the inside to prevent slippage, which is common amongst smooth tube clamps. Our unique design uses heavy-duty stainless hardware, multiple washers, and a wing-nut to secure your jack with no tools.

Also included is a locking hole to prevent theft while your jack is installed on your bed rack, roof rack or any other tubular structure.



  • Machined billet aluminum
  • Fits 1.5" diameter tubing
  • Sold individually (Purchase 2 to mount a jack)
  • Lockable
  • Rigid gnarls to grab onto the tube and never slip
  • Hardware included: 1 Wingnut, 2 washers, 2 Allen screws to clamp together


Place one half of the tube clamp on the tube in the desired location. 

Clamp the second piece together and install supplied Allen screws to clamp down on the tube until it is tight. 

Confirm the clamp is tight by wiggling it to ensure the surfaces are against eachother. 

Mount jack with 1 washer on the bottom and 1 on top.

Verify height & alignment of the jack is correct. Screw wing nuts on until they're snug- Install lock if needed

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