Tuff Stuff® Shoe Storage Bag for Roof Top Tents

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Climbing in and out of your rooftop tent can be a chore in itself. Make it a little more convenient by adding a storage bag for stowing your belongings like shoes, sweatshirts, or toilet paper in this Tuff Stuff waterproof PVC bag.

The Tuff Stuff shoe storage bag easily slides into the half channel of your rooftop tent, located right by the retractable ladder for convenient storage and access to anything you may need while getting in & out of your rooftop tent.


  • Waterproof PVC material
  • Slides in and hands next to the ladder
  • Easily fits 2+ pairs of shoes, flip-flops, and a roll of TP
  • Shoe bag zips shut to mitigate moisture sneaking in


Our shoe & storage bag slides into the half channel on the frame of your tent. It installs just like the driving cover or annex room would install on your Tuff Stuff Overland Tent.

Q & A

Can this be installed on any brand tent?

As long as your tent has a round channel that accepts your driving cover or annex room, it will fit.

Is this waterproof?

The material is 100% water-proof and includes a zipper flap. However, the zipper is not 100% watertight.