Jeep Wrangler Camping Guide: Roof Top Tent vs. Overland Trailer

Having a Jeep Wrangler opens up the possibilities for exploration. If you really love the outdoors and want to get closer to nature, taking your Wrangler along on camping trips is the right thing to do. Due to its off road abilities, you have the chance to camp in spaces off the beaten path, which can be perfect if you are the sort of person who loves adventure. You also get the option of using a roof top tent or overland trailer instead of having to camp directly on the ground.

How Does a Roof Top Tent Work?

A roof top tent, as the name suggests, sets up on top of your Jeep’s roof. You access it with a ladder. It gets you completely off the ground and up high, which can be nice in some areas where wildlife may be a concern. The Jeep JK roof tent stores on your roof and folds up tight for travel. When going camping, it is important to find the best Jeep Wrangler roof top tents that can accommodate the whole family, providing both the comfort and privacy to make everyone feel safe and at ease.

How Does an Overland Trailer Work?

An Overland trailer is a trailer that you pull behind your Jeep. It contains a tent that unfolds to set up. As well, a Jeep Wrangler expedition trailer  has many compartments to it that is beneficial for the whole family. These trailers are made to be an off-road Jeep trailer, so they have heavy duty tires and are built compact to help avoid issues when going off road. The tent is completely contained within the trailer when it folds up for travel.

Comparison of Roof Top Tent and Overland Trailer

There are pros and cons to both types of camping options. By looking them over, you will better be able to decide which option will work best for you and your situation.

To begin with, the one thing that causes many people to decide against a rooftop trailer is that it sits on the roof. This means a lot of weight up there. Some are not too keen on that and worry about possible damage. On the plus side, being up high offers amazing views of the area around you, which is something the trailer cannot do. It has a high comfort level, one of the benefits being the breeze that flows through, allowing for greater ventilation. In addition, being higher off the ground provides extra protection if wildlife is a concern. A rooftop tent can provide for an above average camping experience that many are not used to.

However, when it comes to wanting to explore, this is where the trailer really shines. You can unhook it and leave it at your campsite while you go off and enjoy the area in your Jeep. Plus, because the trailer is closer to the ground, it is easy to set up your base camp. That is hard to do with the roof top tent since you are so far away from the ground and the weight of the tents poses more difficulty. You essentially have to have two sites, which makes setting up and tearing down more complex. On top of that, trailers provide extra storage space, which is great for those planning to stay a while.


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There is no single answers as to which is better, the roof top tent or the trailer. It really depends on your particular needs. However, it may help to shop around and see what products are available before making a final decision.