Tuff Stuff® LED Magnetic Work Light/Flashlight, Anodize Aluminum w/ 22″ LEDs, Black

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The Tuff Stuff® Work Light is equipped with 22 LEDs to make this little giant a superior work light vs. the competition.

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Introducing the Tuff Stuff® LED Magnetic Work Light! With so many uses and such a good looking rugged body, why carry a regular flash light? The Tuff Stuff® LED Work Light is so handy, rugged and useful that everyone should have one easily accessible. The Tuff Stuff® Work light is perfect for the everyday blue collar, weekend warrior or camper. The Tuff Stuff® work light is compact, measuring 8″ long, but packs a TON of light for its size. Instead of a conventional bulb that breaks easily if its dropped, LED’s have paved the way for serious lighting enthusiasts looking for the best bang for the buck.

The Tuff Stuff® Work Light has 6 powerful LEDs for the spotlight and 16 LEDs in the wand that will illuminate any dark area. The high quality magnetic base allows the light to be mounted on any steel surface, which makes this a handy light for under hood troubleshooting, airing down/filling up tires in the night or crawling under the frame of your rig in the dark.

Magnetic Work Light Features & Benefits:

  • 2 lights in 1
  • Extremely Bright for hard to see areas
  • Great for auto shops, mechanics or just working on your rig
  • Perfect for airing down tires/ filling up tires at night
  • Directional flash light & Work light all in one
  • LED bulbs are much the best rigidity & longevity
  • 16 LEDs in the wand for area lighting
  • 6 LEDs for a spot light
  • Magnetic base
  • Works on 3X AAA batteries (not included)
  • Black Anodized aluminum for durability
  • 18 Month Warranty