Tuff Stuff® 10″ Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

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The Tuff Stuff® Polished Aluminum Hawse Fairlead is specifically designed for use with Synthetic winch ropes. The polished & rounded edges allow the synthetic or Dyneema winch rope to run smoothly without binding up. Tuff Stuff®'s aluminum fairlead also eliminates damage to your rope and does not build up friction as a metal fairlead would.

The Tuff Stuff® aluminum fairlead prevents the synthetic rope from fraying on the sharp metal roller fairlead edges, which can cause irreparable damage to your expensive rope, leading it to snap while winching your rig, or somebody else. The use of a synthetic rope is also a much safer alternative to cable as a cable can create a major safety issue if broken under a load.

Clearance Item - No Returns



11.25" X 3.5"X .75"


  • Designed specifically for synthetic winch rope
  • Constructed from Polished billet aluminum
  • Highly durable Weather resistant
  • Does not transfer heat to winch rope
  • Standard 10" on center fairlead bolt pattern
  • Hole opening for hardware: 10mm
  • Works with any brand synthetic winch rope
  • Replaces all roller fairleads


Can I use this with steel cable?

No, the aluminum fairleads are only intended for use with the synthetic ropes. Steel cable must use a roller type fairlead.

Will this work with my winch?

This will work with any winch that uses synthetic rope and has a 10" wide bolt pattern for the fairlead to bolt to. Be sure to measure the distance between the holes on your winch mount or winch bumper before ordering

Does this include the bolts?

No, this is only the aluminum fairlead. You can reuse your old nuts & bolts, or purchase new M10 bolts

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