Tuff Stuff® Electric Winch Plug Quick Connector, Small


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Tuff Stuff® Electric Winch Quick Connector is a safe way to connect and disconnect a winch or any other high amperage 12 volt accessories. The quick connector provides a simple & safe way to plug/unplug your winch or 12V device, without the hassle of having to unbolt wires from your battery terminals.

Offered in two sizes:
Large (2-4 gauge 8 mm) - Sold Out 
Small (4-6 gauge 5 mm)

Includes 2 housings and 4 contacts for wiring. 

Needed: ability to crimp or solder wires

Works great w/ the following Tuff Stuff® products


  • Small Connector L/W/H: 3 1/4 x 1.5 x 5/8
  • Small Wire Inlet: 5 mm
  • Body: Molded plastic
  • Max Amperage: 480 Amps
  • Fits any winch or high current 12v device
  • Wires will need to be crimped or soldered into place
  • Safe & easy way to connect & disconnect your winch
  • Self mating contacts lock into housing
  • Includes housing & 4 qty contacts for wiring
  • Installation: Easy

    1. Use 2 gauge (no larger than 8 mm) wire with this quick connector.
    2. Pull the pins out of the male and female side of the connector.
    3. Place exposed side of the wire into the positive (+) and negative (-) sides of the connector.
    4. Place the pins back into the connector securing the wires.
    5. Make sure the positive (+) matches and the negative (-) matches or you will burn out the motor.

    Q & A

    Why would I need to have a Quick connector?

    When you need to extend the 12V battery power safely to a piece of equipment but do not need constant power the Quick Connector will allow you to have the battery power available when needed. Mainly used for remote winches, trailer winch power or jumper cables

    What is the max amperage these can be used at?

    We have tested 17,500lb winches to 480 AMPS safely with no issues

    Will this fit other brand connectors?

    We cannot guarantee fitment with alternative brand connectors. We can say with certainty, these will not fit Warn or Smittybilt connectors



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