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Tuff Stuff® Jumper Cable Quick Connector 6' Extension


The Tuff Stuff 6' jumper cable wiring kit delivers high power & amperage from your battery to your winch, or from your battery to another vehicle's battery for jump-starting a dead battery. This jumper cable wiring accessory is the perfect addition to an existing wiring kit which is attached to your battery. This will act as a quickly accessed jumper cable which can potentially eliminate the lifting of your hood to access the battery. With 6' of 2 gauge positive and negative cable, you can simply plug in and use the jumper clamps within seconds.

Works with all Tuff Stuff quick connect plugs marked "Uchen" or any winch wiring kit purchased through Tuff Stuff or Truck and winch.

6' jumper cable quick connect kit includes:

  • 6' of 2 gauge positive wire
  • 6' of 2 gauge negative wire
  • Quick connect plug on 1 end & jumper clamps on the opposite end
  • Rubber dust cover for quick connector

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