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Tuff Stuff® Refrigerator / Freezer 52L



Our Tuff Stuff 55qt Fridge/Freezer makes camping much easier, more organized and will save you lots of money on ice. Never worry about where/when you're going to get that next bag of ice, never worry about your food getting waterlogged, your packaging getting soaked and soggy.  Our Fridge/Freezer also has a built-in safety feature that will shut your fridge off automatically if your car battery has been run down too low. 3 Settings will shut off at 10.2, 10.7 or 11.7V, and will come back on at 11.2, 11.7 & 12.7V.

The Tuff Stuff Fridge/Freezer uses a high performance, German-made Danfoss compressor using R134A refrigeration. Danfoss compressors are used by some of the largest commercial refrigeration companies with a great track record.

With built-in safety features, the Danfoss compressors set themselves apart from the competition. Some of the built-in features are an efficient electronic control unit with built-in speed control, a thermostat signal, thermal protection, battery discharge safety monitor and an electronic thermostat to maintain consistent internal temperatures.

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