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Tuff Stuff® Portable Refrigerator / Freezer 52L

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Our Tuff Stuff® 55 qt Fridge/Freezer makes camping much easier, more organized, and will save you lots of money on ice and soggy groceries. Never worry about when or where you're going to get that next bag of ice, never worry about your food getting waterlogged, or your packaging getting soaked and soggy.

Our Fridge/Freezer also has a built-in safety feature that will shut your fridge off automatically if your car battery has run down too low. 3 Settings will shut off at 10.2, 10.7 or 11.7V, and will come back on at 11.2, 11.7 & 12.7V.

The Tuff Stuff Fridge/Freezer uses a high performance, German-made Danfoss compressor using R134A refrigeration. Danfoss compressors are used by some of the largest commercial refrigeration companies with a great track record.

With built-in safety features, the Danfoss compressors set themselves apart from the competition. Some of the built-in features are an efficient electronic control unit with built-in speed control, a thermostat signal, thermal protection, battery discharge safety monitor and an electronic thermostat to maintain consistent internal temperatures.

Don't forget to get the Tuff Stuff® Refrigerator / Cargo Organization Slider


  • Durable ABS outer shell
  • 55Qt/52L capacity
  • High-quality German-made Danfoss compressor (Tuff Stuff Upgrade)
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge 100% copper wiring to deliver max amperage (Tuff Stuff Upgrade)
  • Interior LED light
  • Quick cool down
  • Eco mode for power savings
  • Metal lined inner wall
  • FREE thermal cover
  • FREE removable basket with divider
  • FREE tie-down straps


  • 12-24V/120V-240V
  • 37 LBS
  • Refrigeration: R134A Danfoss Compressor
  • Noise level: Sub 45db
  • Cooling range: minus 4F - 50F
  • Startup power draw: 50W / 4.16A
  • Running power draw: 0.7A
  • Includes AC/DC power cord
  • 3 Auto shut off levels (10.2V, 10.7V, 11.7V)
  • Dimensions Including Handles L/W/H: 26.75 x 14 x 20
  • Dimensions NOT Including Handles L/W/H: 23 x 14 x 20
  • Technical: Danfoss Compressor Technical PDF


  1. Unpack the 52L refrigerator/freezer from the box.
  2. Plug into a 12V automotive plug or 120 to 12V transformer.
  3. Give away your old cooler.

Q & A

Does food really stay frozen in the freezer section of the fridge?

Absolutely, this refrigeration unit has the ability to freeze any of its contents when the temp is set to freezing. It can also go below 0 degrees F

I see these fridge/freezers all over Amazon and Alibaba for a lot less money, what makes the Tuff Stuff fridge/freezer different than those?

We bought several of the fridge/freezers on Amazon and Alibaba and tested them offroad. What we found was they all had 2 major fail points; 1) the compressor, 2) the wiring.  We upgraded our compressor to the Danfoss compressor and upgraded the wiring to 14 gauge 100% copper wire. The other, lower-priced fridge/freezers, do not have these upgrades and will work great the first trip or two then they will break down do to constant vibration.

How much food & beverages can this fit?

This is a 55 qt fridge- For a standard family of 4, this will be ideal for storing bulky foods, condiments and a small number of liquids for a full weekend (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). However, if you cook a lot, we recommend a second cooler just for drinks that can get wet from ice. 

How long can this run until my battery dies?

Like all batteries, they vary in performance based on temperature and amp draw. We typically see around 1.5 days before the battery dies, in 70-80 degree temps. While this fridge (once up to cool) will only draw around 0.7 amps, it is always recommended that you have an isolated battery running the fridge, or even a separate power supply system so you're not left stranded. Extreme heat outside will cause the fridge to work harder to stay cool. Don't chance it!


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