Tuff Stuff® Xtreme Portable Offroad Air Compressor, 150 Psi, 5.65 cfm


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Does your rig have tires 35 inches or taller? Tired of waiting to be last in line to fill your tires with your buddy's compressor? Waste no more time! Tuff Stuff® now has the perfect solution to maximizing your time on and off the trail with the Xtreme Portable Offroad Compressor.

Tuff Stuff's® high volume portable off-road air compressor is designed as an ideal solution for airing up tires which are 35 inches or taller and require 50+ psi of air. With its rugged, heavy-duty construction, our Xtreme compressors are ideal on or off the road!


Portable Air Compressor Features

  • Great choice for tires 35 inches and taller, or tires which require high psi
  • 5.65 CFM airflow
  • Capable of 150 psi starting pressure (Max 120 psi working pressure)
  • Overload thermal heat protection
  • Built-in cooling fins to keep your investment running for years
  • Can be permanently hard mounted
  • Anti Vibration Rubber Mounted Sand tray prevents contamination from dust and dirt
  • Air filter for additional security from contaminants
  • Compact size L/W/H: 13 x 6 x 9 inches


  1. Connects directly to your vehicle's battery.
  2. Remove the tire valve cover.
  3. Place air hose onto the valve stem lock in place.
  4. Switch on compressor and check tire pressure constantly so that you do not over inflate.


Why would I need an air compressor?

When you hit the trail you will "air down" and when returning back to the road you will need to "air up" again to be able to drive safely on the paved road.

Do you camp with an air mattress?

Save time and use your portable compressor.



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