Tuff Stuff® Xtreme Terrain Trailer


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The Tuff Stuff Xtreme trailer is the overland trailer you've been looking for! Capable of mounting up to a 35" tire and equipped with heavy-duty suspension, this trailer can take whatever the trail can throw at it. With a universal rooftop tent & awning mount and plenty of storage for all of your gear, we've built this trailer for the true off-road & camping enthusiast looking to get off the grid for a few days in style and comfort! Just Say no to ground tents and cold truck beds.


The Xtreme overland trailer comes complete with an adjustable rooftop tent mount that will work with most all roof top tents on the market. We include 2 load bars that are securely bolted into the trailer, capable of supporting any rooftop tent up to 79". For the larger and heavier tents, we would recommend purchasing a 3rd load bar for more support in the middle. *call for details & pricing*


Included is our adjustable awning mount, designed to provide shade while cooking. You can also mount an LED light strip to accommodate for those dark nighttime cookouts.  The awning mount provides adjustment up and outward to accommodate for your tents window rods. Our awning mount is capable of mounting our 4.5' X 6' & 6.5' X 8' awning, but can also be used with any awnings that use a 2" mounting pattern.


The Xtreme Overland trailer provides plenty of space to store all of your essential camping gear. With the included 2 rear storage slide outs, access to your gear is made convenient. Each slide can support up to 100Lbs of evenly distributed weight and also include tie-downs so nothing moves around on the trail. With the oversized rear bin measuring 47" L X 47" W X 20.5"H, you can store your camping bins, coolers, wood bundles, ground tents, chairs, and other bulky items.


We've gone above and beyond your typical trailer suspension. Our Xtreme trailer includes very capable independent swing arm suspension, heavy-duty shocks and limiting straps to get over the roughest, most uneven terrain you can imagine. This feature provides ample clearance to get over any obstacle, provides great approach & departure angles and best of all- no axle to get hung up on. Couple these with the fully articulating hitch receiver and this trailer will go places no trailer should… A max tire size of 31″ is made possible by our high clearance fenders and built-in electric brakes for stopping your trailer on those extreme declines, keeping your vehicle’s brakes safe and reliable.


Located on top of the Xtreme trailer are 4 heavy-duty hooks capable of tying down any necessary oversized cargo securely. With the adjustable heigh tent rack, you can increase the space below the tent to accommodate for large items like kayaks, rafts, canoes, EZ-Ups, SUP's, tables, chairs or any oversized items you may need on your trip.


Included with the Xtreme trailer is a great tabletop slide out for your 2 burner stove, with rear retaining wall so it never slides off. We also include a second lower slide out with a hinged lid to store all of your spices, cutlery, and utensils.  (An optional kitchen is available as a special order- Call for details)

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