Ram Truck Camping Guide: Roof Top Tent vs. Overland Trailer

One of the best parts of owning a Ram truck is how much it opens up your opportunities to explore. Since you are now equipped to go off road, you can find adventure anywhere. While you are out, you may want to bring some camping gear. For the best experience, you can choose between a Dodge Ram roof tent or an Overland trailer. Here’s a look at both options and what to expect if you choose each.

Is The Trailer Right For You?

Overland trailers for trucks seem like any other trailer. You pull them behind your vehicle, hooking them to your hitch. However, this type of trailer holds a hidden tent that pops up for use. It makes it very easy to set up camp and you can situate your base camp around it just like you would if you were camping on the ground. 

Another advantage is that you can just unhook the trailer if you want to go out for the day without having to take down camp. Setting up a roof top tent takes some time and effort, which is why some prefer to have the easy accessibility of the trailer. Plus, the best off road trailers for Dodge Ram will offer you extra storage space for supplies, such as a camp kitchen. 

However, for the campers that enjoy a fast and rigorous off road experience, the overland trailer might not be for you. Although it is sturdy and well equipped for the environment, due to the fact that it is being hauled in the back of the car, it makes wide turns and doesn’t follow the path perfectly, resulting in the drivers being a little more cautious than they may normally be. 

Is The Roof Top Tent The One For You?

Roof top tents for trucks give you the ability to haul the tent right on your roof. It also sets up on the roof, so you get amazing views as well as a better breeze than you would if you were lower to the ground. As well, when being up higher, you are better protected against the wildlife that could potentially make its way onto your camp. Additionally, the roof top tents are extremely durable, withstanding harsh conditions you may not have been expecting.

In regards to the roof top tents, a con that some have is their weight. Some people prefer to avoid adding the extra pounds to their car, worrying that it will damage it. As well, setting up a tent lower to the ground is much easier than having to do the heavy lifting to the roof of your cars. 


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Take all of these considerations in mind as you begin making your decision on which option to choose. However, don’t take too long. You don’t want to miss out on some great camping. Make sure that you check out all your options for a Dodge 4×4 off road trailer and roof top tent. Shopping around can help you to make the best decision based on your needs and budget.