Toyota FJ Cruiser Camping Guide: Roof Top Tent vs. Overland Trailer

Your Toyota FJ Cruiser was designed to enhance your off-road adventures while remaining rugged, practical and reliable. Camping trips are probably at the top of your list when it comes to getting away from things. Unless you plan on sleeping in your Cruiser’s cargo space or on the ground, you may have been considering purchasing an FJ cruiser roof top tent set-up that either rests on your vehicle’s roof or on an fj cruiser off road camping trailer. Both arrangements will provide you with the above-ground comforts you’re looking for, but which is the better all-round choice?

Is a Roof Top Tent for You?

For family-style camping, some roof top tent arrangements can provide more than 7 x 6 feet of space and accommodate 2 or more people. When you’re looking for a roof top tent for sale, check for features such as waterproof and mold-resistant fabrics, the number and quality of mattresses, under-tent storage space and included set-up tools.

An issue that might cause you to instead favor an overland trailer tent arrangement is the need to pack-up your roof top tent set-up before you can take off from your base camp and go exploring or shop for supplies. This lack of immediate mobility, however, becomes a non-issue if you have no intention of wheeling away from your base camp until you head home. If you would rather not have a trailer hitched up to your vehicle during your off-road trips, however, a roof top set-up will be your best bet.

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Will an Overland Trailer Tent Provide More of the At-Home Comforts You’d Like?

Off road trailers for fj cruisers can provide comforts, conveniences and storage space that may not always be available in a roof top tent set-up. When you’re looking for the best off road trailer for sale, you can add to your wish list features such as generator and refrigerator storage areas, a complete kitchen set-up with ample water storage for full cooking needs and solar panel readiness. A well-equipped overland trailer tent will provide shade and prepping space for meals that rival what can be prepared at home. The addition of an option such as a lower level annex will offer an even greater degree of at-home comfort by providing privacy for larger families or traveling couples. If your camping expeditions are taking you to some rough off-road terrains, however, you may be more comfortable with a roof top arrangement rather than traveling with a trailer in tow.

Choose a Trailer Tent or a Roof Top Tent To Combine Adventure and Comfort

Your addition of either an overland trailer or a roof top tent will enable you to get the most out of your camping trips. The choice of which option works best for you depends on how you feel about hitching up a trailer, what type of amenities you would like, environmental conditions and your purchasing budget. Factors such as your vehicle’s towing capacity, cargo storage space and roof top weight limit will also figure in your decision. Plan ahead and balance your wants with your needs — you’ll make the best choice that way.