Toyota Tacoma Camping Guide: Roof Top Tent vs. Overland Trailer

Your Toyota Tacoma opens up a while new world of outdoor adventures. Before you set off to see sites unseen, you need to plan out your camping gear. The most important thing is your tent. After all, you need a comfortable and safe space to spend each night so you can recharge for all the fun each day. You have two great options in a roof top tent or an Overland trailer.

The Benefits of a Roof Top Tent

First up is the roof top tent. A roof top tent Toyota Tacoma is a special tent system that goes directly on the roof. It folds down and is transported up there. The roof top tents for trucks are both comfortable and easily accessible for those going camping. The material is thick and durable for the times that you may run into some harsher weather.

A perk of the best Tacoma roof tent is that it provides amazing views due to being so high up. By being above ground, you are able to be better protected from strangers that may be around you or from potentially being harmed by nearby wildlife. These tents are both reliable and versatile, fitting most SUVs, Vans, Jeeps, or Trucks that you plan on taking for your future camping trip.

In addition to being protected, having a roof top tent makes it easy to maneuver around when off road driving while also sparing you a ton of time when searching for camp space. Once you find your place to park, you install your tent on top of the car, and your sleeping quarters are good to go. As well, being up higher allows for a greater breeze  and ventilation, which is a big upside during the hotter months. 

However, in contrast to the trailer, these tents can be very heavy. Therefore, some people prefer to choose the trailer in order to avoid adding the extra weight to the top of their vehicle. 

The Benefits of an Overland Trailer

Using a trailer can be a great option as long as you have a proper hitch. With the fear of ruining it, some worry about taking their trailer off road. This is why it is of utmost importance to do some research and choose the best one for your adventure. These off road tent trailers for Tacomas have heavy duty tires and are made to go on rough terrain. Another plus to using 4×4 off road camper trailers  is the amount of extra storage space that they allow for. They provide a camp kitchen, waterproof storage components, generator storage, and more! This is great for families who can’t fit all of their belongings within their car itself. 

Additionally, you can easily unhitch it, allowing for more time camping and exploring with less time packing. You won’t have to tear everything down if you want to go out for a quick trip. It is also easier to set up base camp since it is lower to the ground and there is less heavy lifting to the roof of your car. You just set around it like you would a ground tent. 

Nevertheless, if you are someone who prefers a more rigorous off roading route, hauling around a trailer is not as easy as a roof top tent. Although these trailers are made to withstand off road environments, they don’t follow your track in a perfect manner which makes it difficult to maneuver around narrow areas or make quick turns, requiring the driver to be more careful. 


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Which type of camping option you want to use is really based on your needs. As you can see, there are pros and cons to each option, depending on the kind of camping trip you are going for. So, taking the time to shop around for your options of roof top tents and off road trailers for sale will be beneficial in making the right decision for your next camping experience.