Ultimate Roof Top Tent Guide for Toyota FJ Cruisers          

As you prepare for the upcoming camping season, investing in the right gear can be a game changer to either make or break your experience. A roof top tent can transform your FJ Cruiser into the ultimate outdoor toy. An FJ Cruiser tent mounts to the roof rack and provides the ultimate above-ground mobile shelter. The benefits of tenting above ground are numerous and allow you to take your FJ Cruiser on adventures anywhere you go. When looking for FJ Cruiser roof top tents, check for the following signs of quality and durability.

Your FJ Cruiser’s Aluminum Tent Frame

In order for your tent to be lightweight without falling apart, an aluminum frame provides a light and stable setting. Aluminum tent frames are also very durable. When installed correctly, the frame won’t blow around in the wind or snap with regular use. Opting for this frame material can provide ease of use when:

  • Lifting
  • Installing
  • Transporting

Ventilated Ceiling for Air Circulation

While it may seem a small or insignificant feature, ventilation is key for roof top tents. Because hot air rises, you don’t want to be trapped in a hot and stuffy tent for the night. Being high off the ground could be the perfect recipe for a hot and sweaty night’s sleep without proper air flow. A thoughtful tent designer will have taken this into consideration. Look for built-in ceiling ventilation for the most comfortable night of sleep you may ever get in a tent. These small slats allow for outside air to come in and provides better overall temperature control.

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Tuff Stuff® “Delta”

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Tuff Stuff® “Ranger”

Overland Roof Top Tent


On hot days, leave the tent’s windows open with the netted screen closed. This will allow for a nice cross breeze while preventing bugs and dirt from getting into your sleeping bag. On the other hand, in chillier weather, you can rely on the built-in ventilation to prevent the air from becoming stale when opening the windows is not an option.

Look for Vehicle Compatibility

As you consider the various options available for portable camping shelters, research a roof top tents FJ Cruiser vehicle compatibility. Most are compatible with FJ Cruisers so long as your vehicle has an existing roof rack to mount the tent on. Choosing a tent that is compatible with your vehicle make will provide the safest use and most convenient set-up. You will achieve greater overall value and satisfaction as you look for these signs of quality and durability in a roof top tent for sale. These features will ensure your roof top tent is made to last and has what it takes to withstand many adventures in the great outdoors.