Ultimate Roof Top Tent Guide for Toyota Tacomas

Driving trucks and exploring nature are high ranking favorites for the average outdoor junkie. If you are looking for a way to wrap all of your favorite hobbies into one, a Toyota Tacoma roof top tent may be just the piece of equipment you have been searching for. A rooftop tent allows you to get out in the wild without sacrificing a restful night of sleep. Mobile rooftop camping can be more comfortable and affordable than you think if you follow this ultimate guide to picking a great roof top tent.

Always Be Sleeping in Comfort

Even for a true nature lover, sleeping on the hard ground against a sharp rock can make for a pretty rough night. With an overland Tacoma tent your sleep comfort can increase drastically. Comfort is improved simply by starting with a firm and smooth foundation. A smooth foundation for setting up a tent can be a real challenge when you are adventuring in rugged terrain. Whether you are in the mountains, by the beach or in a hot dry desert, a roof tent can be set up directly on the flat bed of your truck. Roof tents attach directly to your Tacoma’s bed rack. Some tent models even come with a built-in mattress pad. This comfortable and convenient feature is a great start to a peaceful night of rest in the wilderness.

A built-in foam mattress pad offers three important factors that can increase your overall camping comfort:

  • More padding than your average sleeping bag
  • No need for packing bulky cots or camp bedding that take up all of your space
  • A ready to sleep space without the need of using a time-consuming air pump

The Privacy You Want and Need

Unlike sleeping on the ground in your average camping tent, an above ground tent often uses a ladder to access the tent’s entrance. Using a ladder will automatically deter unwelcome guests from popping in for a visit. From critters to neighboring campers, anyone who may pass your campsite from below would need to climb the ladder, alerting you of their arrival.

Additionally, many roof top tent models come with dividing “walls” which separate the tent into sections. This beneficial feature allows for more privacy when friends or family come along for the adventure. Dividers provide more private space for individuals to change clothes, rest or even take a mental break from the group.

Better Overall Value for the Traveling Camper

When compared to RV camping, roof top tent camping can be very inexpensive. Not only is a roof top tent much more affordable than a luxury RV, but more sensible as well. While RV’s may provide all of the bells and whistles, a money sensible camper should consider a roof top tent. You will use far less gas driving your own roof top tent Tacoma than a standard boat-sized RV which typically gets very poor gas mileage.

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If you love your Tacoma and camping is your jam, Tacoma roof top tent camping can be a great investment for you. Consider using a roof top tent for next outdoor getaway.