Ultimate Toyota 4Runner Roof Top Tent Guide

If you’re looking for a better and easier way to camp, then you need a Toyota 4Runner Tent. Roof top tents are becoming increasingly popular among off-road enthusiasts, so it’s time to get in the game. These bad boys let you set up camp wherever you park. A truck tent gives you:

  • The ability to set up your tent anywhere, from campgrounds to parking lots.
  • Easy setup so you’re not struggling with an awkward tent that’s blowing everywhere.
  • Sturdy construction and protection from the elements.

You don’t need to haul a heavy trailer behind you. All you need to do is strap a tent to your truck’s roof. However, if you’re like most truck and camping enthusiasts, you don’t want just any 4Runner tent–you want the best. Purchasing a roof tent for your Toyota truck doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Here’s our guide to finding the best Toyota 4Runner camping tent.

Fitting a Tent to Your 4Runner

Most roof top tents are designed to be generally universal, but that doesn’t mean you should just buy one without doing your due diligence. Before you choose a roof tent, you’ll need to ensure your roof rack is up to the challenge. Figure out the following specifications:

  • Dynamic weight capacity: This determines whether your 4Runner and roof rack can support the weight of the tent while driving. You’ll need to read through the owner’s manual for your 4Runner and roof rack to find these specifications.
  • Static weight capacity: You’ll need to verify that your vehicle and rack will be able to support the tent and everyone inside it plus any gear.
  • Rack compatibility: Check the manual to make sure your rack is designed to support a tent.

Once you confirm these specs, you’re ready to choose your favorite 4Runner roof tent.

Finding the Right Size For Your 4Runner

You may go back and forth between a few different tents as you try to figure out what size to get. The majority of roof top tents are 96” open and 48” closed, so you should really only be concerned with the width. However, if you want some extra room for equipment, you may want to size up. Here’s a size guide depending on how many people will be sleeping in your roof top tent:

  • 48” wide for 2 people.
  • 56” wide for 3 people.
  • 72” wide for 4 people.

What to Look for in a 4Runner Roof Tent

The best tent for 4Runner will have the following features:

  • Durable materials to withstand varying climates.
  • A comfortable foam mattress.
  • A covered area like an annex or awning.

The most sturdy tents are made with a blend of poly/cotton and coated with nylon. However, if you’re not expecting to be in extreme climates, you may want to go with a fully synthetic tent, which is more affordable.

Additional Considerations For Your 4Runner

Some tents come equipped with a variety of amenities. Do you want a changing room? What about a vestibule? Will you need integrated lighting? There are so many choices! Now you’re ready to find a roof top truck tent that meets your needs. There’s nothing left to do but to get shopping!

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