TUFF STUFF makes 4 piece universal truck bed racks and Jeep Gladiator racks designed perfectly to place your roof top tent on as well as many accessories for the perfect overland camping adventure. Professionally powder coated and two sizes, this roof top tent bed rack is perfect for the weekend adventures. The “clamp and fit” pinch plates locking system is specially designed to universally install directly on top of any truck bed. There is no drilling of holes on your truck bed and when the adventure is done, you are able to break it down easy allowing the jeep or truck to be your everyday vehicle. For the popular Toyota Tacoma trucks using the factory-installed cargo rail system, our rack will perfectly align with your rail and would require the use of custom T-nuts that can accept 3/8″ diameter bolts. These can be purchased as an add-on.

Q&A Truck Bed Racks

Can this rack fit on any truck bed?


Yes, this is a universal truck bed rack. Our bed rack is designed to install directly on top of any truck bed rail using pinch plates.


Can I use this rack with the new Jeep Gladiator?


Yes, and and with our 40" rack there will be some room to spare either in front or behind the rack.


What can I place on top of these crossbars?


Our racks are designed for a roof top tent but you can pretty much mount anything to the top of this rack. Things like lumber, piping, etc.