Tuff Stuff® Xtreme Terrain Trailer $12,975.34 USD $14,417.04 USD
Tuff Stuff® Expedition Trailer $7,600.00 USD $8,769.37 USD

Choosing the right Trailers

With the fast paced overlanding scene growing daily, the innovations in expedition trailers are also rapidly changing for the better, allowing for even more creature comforts and technology to follow at the same pace. Things like rooftop tents, solar panels, running water, stoves and well thought out storage solutions are just a few things that have evolved to better suit the overlander of today. So, why settle for a basic boxy trailer with no engineered space?

1 Trailer size 140.55*70.87*51.18(inch) 134.57*76.06*55.91(inch) 130.71*74.8*59.13(inch)
2 Box size 66.93*61.02*26.38(inch) 66.69*47.40*30(inch) 75.39*49.61*30.12(inch)
3 Toolbox size 21.65*22.44*26.38(inch) 23.62*17.32*17.80(inch) 10.24*14.8(26.50)*3.62(inch) trapezoid



Frequently Asked Questions
What are the advantages of the TuffStuff Xtreme and BaseCamp trailers?
Both the TuffStuff Xtreme and BaseCamp trailers come standard with heavy duty trailing arms and an articulating hitch that allows the trailer to track independently from your vehicle and follow its own path.

What are the advantages of the TuffStuff Expedition trailers?
The TuffStuff Expedition trailer is the most refined, light weight trailer offering a large open concept storage space in its tub, a handy drop down tailgate, and hydraulic assisted lid to access larger, bulky items from the top.