Tuff Stuff® Wireless Winch Remote, Universal, Wireless

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May or may not have instructions inside of the box. Call or email us if you need them.

Our Universal Wireless Remote Control kit has been designed for use with any recovery winch or 40 amp solenoid powered item using a positive/negative/forward & reverse wire. This may take some effort on your part to identify the proper wire connections with a multimeter or voltage tester. Once the forward & reverse can be identified, the install will be a breeze! (we do not have wiring diagrams for your specific winch)

Included in our Tuff Stuff® wireless remote kit is a wireless transmitter with up to a 55+ ft range and a frequency-matched wireless remote. The Tuff Stuff® Wireless Remote will power in and power out with a press of a button and has an on/off switch built-in. Lithium-ion batteries are included for longer life. All necessary wiring is included with our kit for any Tuff Stuff® or alternative brand winch. This kit comes with a basic set of installation instructions for most winches powered by a single contact style solenoid.

Basic wiring knowledge and/or mechanical knowledge is preferred for installation.In order to properly wire our wireless remote to your winch or other electrical accessories, you must identify the constant POSITIVE / NEGATIVE, as well as the power IN & power OUT. Once these have been identified, the wireless transmitter can be installed with ease.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this wireless remote is considered a Universal application, some wiring may have to be improvised due to the ever-changing style of electrical systems that are being installed in today's winches. We provide basic installation instructions for the most common style winches, however, all winches vary in style and solenoids.


wireless winch remote KIT INCLUDES:

  • 55' + Range wireless transmitter
  • Frequency matched wireless hand remote
  • Ring terminals & Spade connectors
Clearance Item - No Returns


    • Power In and Power Out functionality
    • Frequency matched wireless system
    • Up to 55 ft.+ Range
    • Easy to install using basic hand tools
    • Fits most winches with 4 wire connection (forward, reverse, positive & negative)
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